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Fundraising copywriting

The fundraising environment is crowded with so many organisations vying for philanthropic support.
Making meaningful connections with donors is critical. That’s where specialist fundraising copy can really help.

Connection through communication

Why do people give? Because they feel a connection that compels them to contribute. Campaigns play a huge role in building that connection.


As a specialist fundraising copywriter, I understand what goes into creating effective fundraising campaigns. Building on your knowledge of your existing and potential donor base, I can help you develop communications that will:


  • Articulate your vision, key priorities and challenges
  • Build a personal connection and ongoing relationship with donors
  • Convey the impact a gift will make
  • Make the path to giving as easy as possible
  • Stay relevant and vibrant in a competitive market
  • Prepare effective funding proposals and grant submissions
  • Meet selection and acquittal criteria


My fundraising copywriting services include all forms of donor communications, direct mail campaigns, web copy, cases for support, program brochures (eg bequests), grant submissions, annual reports, strategy and board papers. I have worked with following organisations on various projects:


  • Central Queensland University
  • Hear and Say Queensland
  • Micah Projects Inc.
  • The National Trust (Queensland)
  • Queensland University of Technology (Alumni and Development Office)
  • Queensland Library Foundation
  • The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies
  • The Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane
  • The Mater Foundation
  • University of Newcastle Foundation
  • University of the Sunshine Coast
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