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Writing is hard. Editing is even harder.
It can be difficult to see problems with your own writing, especially if you’ve been working on it for a long time.
With my years of experience, I can quickly diagnose problems and suggest ways to help.

Good writing is editing in disguise

We’ve all been there. You’ve slaved away at something but it’s still not right. It’s so frustrating when you don’t know how to fix it. And so tempting to give up or settle for second best when you’ve got a million other things to do.


As your editor, my role is to add value to your finished product. I respect the time and effort that has already gone into your writing – and want to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. You can choose a level of editing and proofreading service that suits your needs:


  • Structural editing – to improve flow and readability
  • Copy editing – to tighten and polish language
  • Proofreading – to correct mistakes and ensure consistency
  • Web content editing – to boost SEO and keep readers happy


Remember: there are two typos of people in this world – those who can edit and those who can’t. (I can think of a few more but nice quote anyway thanks, Jarod Kintz.) Poor structure dilutes meaning; spelling mistakes are annoying and costly if you have to re-print. When what you say counts, working with a professional editor is always a good idea.

Ask me about editing