About Me
Britt Melville is a freelance writer and editor servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Contact Miss Word to discuss your next copywriting or editing project at info@missword.com.au
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About Britt Melville

As a freelance copywriter and editor, I can help you with writing and editing projects.
I have a knack for clarity. Words are my thing.

Choosing the right writer for you

Copywriters are all different; we’ve got our own strengths and styles. I help build relationships and reputations through engaging content.


That’s a fancy way of saying I help you connect – to clients, customers, visitors, donors, employees, boards – the audience is up to you. I tell the story of your brand, product, service or project and give people a reason to engage with you.


I’ve been writing for business for 20 years. My clients are a mix of corporate teams, small to medium businesses, non-profits and government agencies.


For some clients, that means writing web copy or a blog post when they’re short on time. For others, it means writing and editing strategic, complex documents from start to finish.  Clients use words like ‘engaged, seamless and hassle-free’ to describe working with me. Others just say ‘you get us’. Either way, I’m happy because it means I’m solving a problem for them and that’s what I’m here for.


I’ve been freelance since 2010. Before that, I had various awesome jobs in Australia and in the UK where I learned to write fast and well.  Before that, I was a kid from Brisbane who entered writing competitions for fun.


I live on the Gold Coast and work with clients in Australia and around the world.


Contact me to discuss your project and how I could help you.

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