Pro tip for writing About pages
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Pro tip for writing About pages


Remember how awkward you felt writing the About page of your website?


Kind of like you get asked to describe your strengths in a job interview. Put on the spot. Big note-y. Slightly awkward and clichéd?


While lots of people love talking about themselves; plenty more cringe inside and out at the thought of blowing their own trumpet. But faced with your website copy and marketing in general, it’s something you’d be foolish to avoid.
Here’s the thing: it doesn’t really matter which side of the fence you sit on, your About page is not about you.


Wait, what?


That’s right. Your About page – or any page of your website – is not actually about you, it’s about them.  Them = your ideal client, potential and existing customers.


  • What problems can you solve?
  • Why you are qualified to do that?
  • What are the stumbling blocks that may have stopped someone from engaging this type of service before?


If you can answer questions like that, while talking about your product/service/experience, you’re giving yourself a big head start in connecting with your ideal client and showing them how you can help them.


This usually comes as a huge relief to people who find it difficult to talk about themselves objectively without feeling uncomfortable.


Remember, you’re in business because you believe you have something to offer. Forget what you think you ‘should’ write about your brand, business or service; and start connecting with what your customers need from you. Then use your copy to show them how you’re the one who can help.


Nobody’s perfect at this. I always need reminding myself. Before posting this article, I re-read my About page and made some changes to mine. But that’s a separate pro tip for another day.


How do you describe your brand or service? 


What could you change about your About page after reading this?