Nobody said it was easy
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Nobody said it was easy

We’ve all been there. You need to write a proposal/business plan/blog post but inspiration is nowhere to be found. (You know this because you’ve tried finding it via your inbox/Facebook/Twitter/fridge/coffee machine/one million other places.)


Why is getting started sometimes the hardest part?


When you write for a living like I do, procrastinating over every blank page would lead to a very unprofitable business. Part of my strategy is to not give too this thing called writer’s block too much airtime.


Yes, I get stuck. But when I do, I just revert to some tried and tested ways of overcoming the white stuff.


1. Brain dump. Jot down all your ideas on a notepad or crank them out on your computer. Congratulations, you’ve started writing!


2. Sketch an outline. Who’s your audience? What do they need to know? Map out your main ideas or sections. Now you’ve got some headings to work with.


3. Sort the puzzle pieces. Start filing your ideas into the outline. Now it’s starting to take shape.


4. Fill in the blanks. Write freestyle and don’t worry about being perfect. Hey, look at you! A first draft.


5. Edit. Now you’ve got your first draft, the real work starts. What is it they say? 90 per cent of writing is re-writing?


Do you experience ‘writers’ block’ when writing for business? How do you overcome it?