Ghost Writing
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Ghost Writing

Do you struggle with writing at work? Got a blog that gets no love? Many great writers don’t have time to write themselves.
Working with me leaves you free to focus on your ‘day job’ while I take care of research, drafting and editing.

Writing minus the smoke and mirrors

Ghost writing sounds a bit spooky but it’s just another term for outsourcing your writing to a professional. It simply means I write and edit material for you, which is then published in your name. There’s always room for you to leave your mark through revisions and finishing touches.  Ghostwriting is great when you need to produce:


  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Book chapters
  • Opinion pieces
  • Reports
  • Speeches


If you are a business owner, a blog is one of the most effective ways to build your profile and update your online content (good for customers and SEO). But it only works if you commit to regular posts. I can help you develop a regular posting schedule, brainstorm ideas and write the content for you. My affordable packages mean you can plan and budget for this essential part of your business.


Likewise, writing a business book has fast become the hottest way to boost credibility and raise your profile. But good writing demands time that not everybody has. If you have a great story to tell or an outline for a business book sitting in drafts, get in touch and let me help you share your story.

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