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Thanks for stopping by. I promise not to go on about spelling and punctuation – although I do care about that stuff. A lot.
Here you’ll find advice about how to be a better business writer. If you’ve got a question, let me know.

How to write upside down

No, this is not a post about how to write while doing yoga. But if you train yourself - and others - to write like this, we might all have more time for yoga.   The best business writing is logical and to the point, much like a...

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The truth about editing

It’s always easier to edit a document than start from scratch, right? Wrong. It’s often easier, yes. Starting words can be useful, but sometimes working from a draft can actually hold you back. Like most things, the trick is knowing when to hold ‘em, when...

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Nobody said it was easy

We’ve all been there. You need to write a proposal/business plan/blog post but inspiration is nowhere to be found. (You know this because you've tried finding it via your inbox/Facebook/Twitter/fridge/coffee machine/one million other places.)   Why is getting started sometimes the hardest part?   When you write for a...

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Two steps to perfect proofreading

Seems like proofreading has become a bit of an old fashioned game. I can see people's eyes glaze over when I mention it, like they're preparing themselves for a lecture on apostrophes.   Like it or not, spelling mistakes, bad grammar and sloppy punctuation are not a...

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