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Are you good enough for me?

Seems like a strange question right?   I think so. Except I’ve had more than one client confess to being nervous about working with me (or even sending me an email!) because they were worried about their writing and what I would think.   Working with a copywriter can be a...

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The truth about editing

It’s always easier to edit a document than start from scratch, right? Wrong. It’s often easier, yes. Starting words can be useful, but sometimes working from a draft can actually hold you back. Like most things, the trick is knowing when to hold ‘em, when...

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Two steps to perfect proofreading

Seems like proofreading has become a bit of an old fashioned game. I can see people's eyes glaze over when I mention it, like they're preparing themselves for a lecture on apostrophes.   Like it or not, spelling mistakes, bad grammar and sloppy punctuation are not a...

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