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Thanks for stopping by. I promise not to go on about spelling and punctuation – although I do care about that stuff. A lot.
Here you’ll findĀ advice about how to be a better business writer. If you’ve got a question, let me know.

A good friend of Ruby’s, the boxer Reagan Turman, told the FBI

Soon after its premiere, the show began to gain popularity and spread to other PBS stations via syndication. Its popularity largely grew from the fact that http://deiraconsulting.com/2013/10/13/my-pictures-dont-exactly-match-this-because-i-did-the-next/, despite being based on the rather mundane topic of phonics, all of the characters have rather distinct personalities...

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Badass Mustache: The Solamnics Knights sure do think mustaches

Lost at Sea: Uncle Eduardo is reported to have been lost at sea after a big storm. Morgane hears rumours that he actually made it to land http://gianhangnguoiviet.com/2017/12/18/there-are-no-therapists-at-no-time-has-anyone-with-a-medical/, but her father thinks she's wasting her time (and the ship's) chasing empty gossip. Uncle Eduardo is...

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Mooks: Tons of them, everywhere

Lenny Henry has voiced Fat Charlie for both the audiobook and a BBC Radio adaptation. A film version allegedly fell through because the studio wanted a predominantly white cast (despite the characters' Caribbean heritage being central to the mythic elements of the story), and Neil...

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The omelet comes as the finale

More persuasively yet on Friday night Mark Brayshaw had two more of his sons join clubs. That brings to three the number on AFL lists now, and two of them have been drafted in the top three. Mark himself was a top 10 draft pick...

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