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Thanks for stopping by. I promise not to go on about spelling and punctuation – although I do care about that stuff. A lot.
Here you’ll findĀ advice about how to be a better business writer. If you’ve got a question, let me know.

Oh my god, most of his recent promos, period

They even go to Midnight Mass for Christmas. Cooking Show: Rooster pretends to be narrating one while he cooks breakfast. Making scrambled eggs is like making love to a beautiful woman. The Reveal: Crazy Bull controls the water plant everybody's looking for, and holds it...

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This will energize the GOP base

When The Angry Beavers watch a B movie on TV, it is drawn in a more realistic style and in black and white. Things get interesting in the Halloween Episode, where they meet some of the actors from the movies, still drawn in the same...

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Vidal, who was paid for his script, agreed to drop his

Casanova Wannabe: Han Solo. Cloudcuckoolander: Vader, natch. He's much more concerned with losing the latte maker than losing a battle, and repeatedly references Star Trek. Composite Character: Leia becomes a mix of her canon personality and Carrie Fisher. Depraved Bisexual: This version of Jabba has...

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