Miss Word | People who are injured offscreen often sport bloody bandages
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People who are injured offscreen often sport bloody bandages

The point of this trope is that some animals that are clearly based on real species, whether Funny Animal or not, are drawn with an ear shape different from that of its Real Life counterpart for stylistic purposes (usually due to the rules of cool, cute and just for simplified visual identification), or because they simply didn’t know what that animal’s ears really look like, especially in cases of Lesser Seen Species. For example, cartoon rats and mice with hair on the backs of their ears are a case of artistic license, because in Real Life the backs of their ears look hairless. Additionally, setting “furry” aside, cartoon humans can also have ears which look unlike almost any human ear you’ve seen.

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Falabella Replica Bags This is probably because the film was originally intended to be a tv movie and thus could not show the more gory aspects of war on mainstream television. People who are injured offscreen often sport bloody bandages when they next appear, however. Book Dumb: Pickett, who considers “All this book learnin’ unbecoming of a soldier.” and graduated in last place dead last from West Point. Falabella Replica Bags

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